The Water Sports Center

waterskiWhere else, if not on the Maldives, in the middle of the Indian Ocean where the water temperature is a constant 29˚C (84˚ F) can you find the ideal conditions for water sports. It doesn't matter if you like the stillness of surfing or crossing the turquoise lagoon on a catamaran or if you prefer to have a speedboat pull you through the water on water skis or a wakeboard. It is always an unforgettable experience. If you would like, you can go even more quietly and simply by paddling a canoe around the lagoon.

Snorkeling can also be considered a water sport and where is it more beautiful than on the Maldives. There are numerous fish to discover and our dive instructors and our technical literature at the dive center are very useful in helping you to identify them. From snorkeling it is only a small step to diving.

Our qualified and helpful personnel are at your disposal.



speedboatWhat is more exciting than to be pulled through the water by a 3.0L, V6 outboard engine and 150 PS. It doesn’t matter if you are on water skis or on a wakeboard, both promise an exciting experience. There is a boom on the side of the boat for beginners who need it for extra practice.



RochenWelcome to snorkeling paradise. The turquoise colored lagoon and numerous reefs naturally beckon you to snorkel. You can also spend time in your favorite element between two dives and observe fish in their natural habitat. Directly in front of our villa you can discover many different kinds.


Surfing and Sailing Catamarans

KatOur huge lagoon also offers the ideal conditions for wind surfing or sailing catamarans. Here beginners on their first wobbly attempts to stand on a surfboard as well as professionals can glide across the water. We have various surf boards and sails in sizes from 3.5 m2 to 6.0 m2 (37.6 sq. ft. to 64.6 sq. ft).



KayakThe shallow lagoon is the perfect invitation for a kayak trip. In our one or two person kayaks you get an entirely different perspective of the islands. You can comfortably travel around the island in a kayak and get a completely new impression of the small isle. Small stingrays and baby sharks often accompany you back and forth.

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