Surfing and Sailing Catamarans

KatOur huge lagoon also offers the ideal conditions for wind surfing or sailing catamarans. Here beginners on their first wobbly attempts to stand on a surfboard as well as professionals can glide across the water. We have various surf boards and sails in sizes from 3.5 m2 to 6.0 m2 (37.6 sq. ft. to 64.6 sq. ft).

Our very experienced windsurfing instructor has the necessary patience and the corresponding experience to show you the first hand grips and techniques.


The same is true for our catamaran. You can either go out privately with our sailing instructor or enjoy the sunset from a catamaran. Naturally you can also steer it yourself since after just a few short hours, anyone can be a top notch sailor. Our sailing instructor is always available for help and advice.

In any case, it is a very special experience to glide soundlessly across the water, since that is quite correctly the fascination of sailing and surfing.


Dolphin Base Dive-Center Maldives