KayakThe shallow lagoon is the perfect invitation for a kayak trip. In our one or two person kayaks you get an entirely different perspective of the islands. You can comfortably travel around the island in a kayak and get a completely new impression of the small isle. Small stingrays and baby sharks often accompany you back and forth.

You can learn how to paddle very quickly and after a short time you'll have the hang of it. Since you can comfortably stand in the entire lagoon, nothing can happen to you on a short excursion. You should just protect yourself from the sun and wear a T-shirt or life vest. A high SPF sunscreen is appropriate and should be put on repeatedly while you are underway.

A special experience is a kayak excursion in the late afternoon when the sun slowly approaches the horizon and everything is bathed in a golden light. If you are paddling toward the sunset, you will invitably be pulled into the spell, which is a unique and yet daily reoccurring spectacle of nature.


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