Dives on the Maldives

FischKreisThe Maldives – a symbol for every traveler that is synonymous with secluded islands with white sand beaches, turquoise colored lagoons with crystal clear water, and absolute peace and isolation from the stress of everyday life at home. Its unique and fascinating underwater world has made this island republic even more famous.

Among divers, it is agreed that "real life" can be found here below the surface of the water. Protected, fantastic coral gardens have emerged from the coral reefs surrounding the islands, whose magic only rarely releases those who have been allowed to see it just once. The formation of unique farus, giris and thilas was possible because of the favorable location of the atolls, and today millions of colorful fish, coral and mussels call the archipelago home. The variety is simply breath taking and there is something for the most varied areas of interest.

The impressive whale shark, the largest fish in the world, reaching lengths up to twelve meters, is just as at home in these waters as the tiny crabs and coral fish, which can't be seen without careful inspection. This underwater world represents an enormous, barely comprehensible and complex ecological system, which until now has been finely balanced and is in the position of being able to further develop and reproduce without the help of human influence and interference. A layperson can recognize complete food chains and understand the practical example. It is clear from this, how the species live among one another, and what commonalities and differences they have learned from one another in the course of their evolution. The range spans from the perfect hunters and robber fish like the shark to the well-camouflaged and extremely poisonous stone fish. Also noteworthy is the discovery of long-term symbiotic relationships. Certainly the most well-known of these is the anemone fish, which live between the large tentacles of the sea anemones. But also on seemingly meager sandy floors, the extremely interesting goby/crab symbiosis can be encountered.

All-in-all, a true underwater paradise to investigate and discover lies at your feet here in the Maldives. The impression made by this new world has already led many to return to the Maldives year after year.


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