Our multifaceted offer

There are two regularly scheduled daily dive trips to the individual dive site in the South Male Atoll: the morning dive at 9:00 and the afternoon dive at 3:00. As a rule, divers are asked to be at the dive center 15 to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure in order to ensure the timely start of the excursion.

Furthermore we offer the following additional activities:

Night dives:
A night dive on the Maldives is among the most impressive experiences under water. Not only does the darkness lend a mystical quality, life on the reef at night cannot be compared to that during the day. Night hunters, those that can only be seen during the day between the columns of rocks with luck, are on the move and the intensity of the colors under the light of the lamps is even more powerful and impressive. There are one or two night dives scheduled during the week, but we are always willing to cater to your interests and desires. The torch can be rented from us and you will find more information about this under the Equipment and Price List section.

Two tank dive:
The morning two tank dive is the perfect solution for those who are unable to wait to get back into the water. Departure is at 7:30 am so that there is plenty of time to dive at two of the top diving sites in the Ghaafu Dhaalu Atoll. We usually combine an excursion to the outter reef and a nice coral formation inside the atol.

Full day excursion:
For a change from the "everyday island life", we also offer all day excursions to somewhat more remote dive sites. On the agenda there are both morning and afternoon dives. Non-divers are also cordially invited at any time! It goes without saying that your every need will be taken care of on these day trips!! Lunch time will be spent on an uninhabited island in the lagoon and we invite you to swim, to -snorkel, or just to sunbath and relax.

Early morning dive:
It is always difficult to drag yourself out of bed in the early morning, but as soon as you are in the water, it becomes apparent, why you made the effort. As the reef wakes up early in the morning, you get a completely different impression. The mixture of the underwater life from both the nighttime and the daytime gives a rare and unique picture and a meeting of animals which are normally only recognized from fish classification books.

Reef cleanup:
In order to actively bring the environmental concepts here on the Maldives into the foreground, and as a sign of the environmental awareness of the sport of diving and its participants, we organize reef cleanups on a regular basis. On the agenda is the active cleanup of a reef in a relaxed atmosphere along with a short educational program (additional information regarding the environment/cleanup).

PADI Member Forum:
There are PADI member forums at irregular intervals at the Ayada Maldives. If you have any interest, please ask us for information about this at any time.


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