The organization

UdoNaturally the entire team at Dolphin Base will endeavor to make your (dive-)stay at Ayada Maldives as comfortable und uncomplicated as possible.

Before you go out in a boat for the first time, the obligatory “paperwork” for every dive center on earth must be taken care of. It goes without saying that we will support you in both help and advice on this.


A medical release certifying dive fitness should always be kept in the luggage of a diver. This is not only as a favor to us, but also to ensure that you are healthy enough for the demands of scuba diving. After we have taken you through the dive center and shown you the facilities, one of us will clarify the organizational procedures of the dive center.

We are always open to questions and suggestions, even when there are questions which don’t directly concern the diving operation and we will try to help you as much as we are able. We can lend you every piece of equipment that is necessary for diving from the normal standard equipment such as ABC, vests and regulators to specialized equipment like computers, cameras or underwater lamps. You can find more information on this under the Equipment and Price List section.

We require that everyone makes a short orientation dive in the lagoon. This will take place individually after arrangements have been made with you, and will serve as an inspection of your equipment, lead weights, or, in case it has been a few days since your last dive, will bring back individual routine procedures to mind. Please follow our motto:



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