speedboatWhat is more exciting than to be pulled through the water by a 3.0L, V6 outboard engine and 150 PS. It doesn’t matter if you are on water skis or on a wakeboard, both promise an exciting experience. There is a boom on the side of the boat for beginners who need it for extra practice.

Everyone can learn how to water ski in just a short time with this. For slalom skiing and wakeboarding we have a special tower so that the corresponding line can be tied up high enough. With that there aren’t any problems for slalom ski starts and high spins. Our specialists are there to support you in help and advice and can demonstrate all of this so that the motion sequence is clear.

Simpler and especially fun is a ride on the banana or on the fun tubs. It looks easier than it is, since the goal is to stay on as long as possible. After you have been thrown off a few times, you will recognize the appeal of this fun sport. For those who have something a little more cozy in mind, our speed boat is also available for charter for private sunset excursions. What could be more romantic than being skippered by your own captain through the large lagoon, past numerous islands? This will make for not only an unforgettable moment, but also for some breathtaking photos.


Dolphin Base Dive-Center Maldives